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RECYCLING TECHNICAL PLASTICS Located in a strategic region, STICSA is one of the national companies
that recovers and returns the most PVC to manufacturing processes, both
post-industrial and post-consumer.
ADVICE We make it easier for our clients to comply with the obligations arising from the new environmental regulations.

Pioneers in waste recovery for a decade, we have adapted to innovations in the recycling of technical plastics such as PVC, ABS, TPO, etc.

The reuse of materials contributes to the improvement of our environment and actively participates in the circular economy and respect for the environment.





We convert your waste into raw material

We help your company to achieve more profitable and sustainable goals by minimizing your waste.

Sticsa pick-up and delivery the waste at your facilities once transformed.

In recent years, STICSA has worked hard to adapt to current regulations, betting on innovation in its waste management and material recovery processes, being recognized specialists in the recycling and recovery of TECHNICAL PLASTICS.

STICSA LEVANTE provides the collection service for all types of plastic, for all generators regardless of the size of each one, with its own means and for all types of companies, regardless of size. With a presence throughout the national territory. We also collect and send material to any part of the world, adapting in each case to the needs of the generators or clients.


Sticsa Levante, S.L.U.

Camí del Campanar, 4
03420 Castalla, Alicante
(+34) 965 56 08 90

    STICSA LEVANTE, S.L. ha recibido una ayuda por importe de 28.035 €, con número de expediente INPYME/2021/64 para el desarrollo del proyecto titulado “INVERSIÓN PARA EL RECICLADO DE RESIDUOS” para compra de maquinaria para reciclado y valorización de residuos, en el marco de las ayudas para mejorar la competitividad y sostenibilidad de las pymes industriales de los sectores de la Comunitat Valenciana del calzado, cerámico, metal-mecánico, textil, juguete, mármol-piedra natural y áridos, madera – mueble e iluminación, químico, automoción, plástico, envases y embalaje, papel y artes gráficas, valorización de residuos y los sectores emergentes de la biotecnología, producción audiovisual y producción de videojuegos, dentro de la cuarta fase de implantación del Plan Estratégico de la Industria Valenciana 2021.